Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement

How to Do a Garage Door Spring Replacement


When you need garage door service, you want the work done fast and you do not want to pay a lot for it. For most people, this means doing the work on your own. When it comes to a garage door spring replacement, leave the work to the experts.


If you have a garage door that squeaks or is marred by nicks or dents, these things you can probably handle fixing yourself. The reason you want to leave other things like the garage door spring replacement to experts in residential overhead doors is because of how complicated the job is. In addition, springs are held in place with a good deal of tension.

Garage Door Spring

If they are worked on incorrectly, they could snap out of place with great force and cause serious harm to anyone, including yourself, who is near the garage. Leave the repairs to your garage door technicians. When you hire a local expert, the work will get done properly, and it will not cost a lot.


There are a few things you can do to help them have an easier time with the work. You can inspect your door to see if the hinges are all right. They should be held in place with screws that show no signs of rusting or loosening. Be sure the cables to the door are also free of rust and show no signs of fraying.


Look at the door itself. Are any of the panels torn or cracked? If they are and your door is metal, call the garage door technicians in immediately so that the damage does not get worse. You will most likely only need to have the damaged panels fixed and not need to get a replacement for the whole door.


Another check that you can do involves the tracks. There should be 10 rollers along the track of the door. Open the door and carefully hold the stem of it to check the bearings that appear on the ends of the rollers. If they are working properly, your door is in good shape. If they are hard to move, call your garage door expert to fix it.


Remember, the sooner you notice anything wrong with the door, the easier and cheaper the repair will be. Never try to fix or lubricate the bearings yourself. If you are unsure about anything, just call your garage door technicians. They will be happy to let you know if you can go ahead and fix something yourself or if you should make an appointment for them to inspect the door for you.


You do not want to cause yourself harm and you do not want to make the door malfunction. When you are in doubt, call your garage door company. Have the experts come out, look at the door and let you know for certain what is wrong. They can usually give you a free estimate for service and repairs, so get an appointment with them as soon as possible.